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Shawl Pattern Im Salettl - English


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I named the pattern Im Salettl because the round shapes of the crochet pattern remind me of a garden pavilion (that's what we call Salettl in Austria). Also, the shawl is the perfect accessory for an evening stroll in the generous landscape garden of Schloss Laxenburg near Vienna.
Im Salettl is a triangle shawl with a romantic flowershaped edging. You start with the crochet edging and add the knitted body by crocheting onto the knitting needle. There's no sewing involved.
The pattern includes written directions as well as a chart for the crochet part. You can choose between a large version with a wingspan of 220 cm and a smaller one with 180 cm wingspan.

The pattern is designed for Gepard Garn's Cashmere Lace - an exceptionally soft yarn with a beautiful haze typical for high quality Cashmere. Due to the fact, that the edge is crocheted with a single strand and the body is knitted with two strands held together, the edge is as delicate and light as the rest of the shawl.

Yarn usage:
If you use just one colour, you need 200g (2.800m) of Cashmere Lace for the large shawl and 175g (2.450m) for the smaller version.
For the prototype I chose another colour for the double stranded part. I therefore needed 125g of the first and 100g of the second shade.
You may as well use Cashmere Lace only for the edging and substitute it by Gepard Garn's Kid Seta (single strand) for the knitted body. In that case you need 50 g of Cashmere Lace and 150g of Kid Seta.

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4,90 €
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